Acton Woman’s Club Dance Classes

Due to Covid-19, and in keeping with our mission to serve our community, Youth Dance Classes were canceled for 2020.  We are working on whether we can safely hold Dance Classes in the Fall of 2021. If we find that we can do so
safely and decide to offer Dance Classes in the fall, we will then update the website (registrations are done through the website), put notices out in the Action Unlimited, Acton TV and a sign in front of the Acton Woman’s Club facility.

Dance RoomFor nearly 70 years, the Acton Woman’s Club has offered this dance series as an exciting Friday evening out for thousands of youth in grades 5 through 10 in the large upstairs hall of our historic clubhouse. Students learn a variety of dance styles including the Fox Trot, Tango, Waltz, Swing, and the Cha-Cha during a series of nine weekly classes while also honing their real life, face-to-face communication skills. The course is taught by a professional dance instructor, Mr. Douglas Trudeau.

As a non-profit, charitable social club in the Historic Center of Acton, The Acton Woman’s Club has sponsored this activity for generations as a community enrichment service for local youth and families. The Dance Classes also generate funds that promote the AWC’s philanthropic activities — including donations to local non-profits and high school scholarships, while also helping to maintain its historic building.

Skills developed and practiced as a by-product of the fun dance classes include the importance of making a good first impression, being courteous, eye contact, posture, self-confidence, and other etiquette tips.

We extend a warm welcome to students throughout the Metro West area, newcomers as well as returning students. Students may come from anywhere, though, given the word-of-mouth reputation of this popular series, most attendees come from the AB school system. This course is also great preparation for High School Socials; it will instill confidence in your child’s dance abilities to become a star of the party!


The AWC Dance Classes are offered under the direction of professional dance teacher, Mr. Douglas Trudeau. Mr. Trudeau has been teaching  etiquette and ballroom dance classes throughout the Boston area for 21 years with the Boston Assemblies, the largest and most successful network of professional social dance classes and etiquette instruction for children in the area.  Mr. Trudeau’s has taught the AWC Youth Dance Classes for 8 years.    Mr. Trudeau is also the founder and director of Showstoppers, a professional theatrical and travel company called Trudeau Theatrical Tours. During daytime hours, he is the Director of Fine Arts for the Waltham Public Schools. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Performing Arts and a Master’s degree in Education Administration.

Next Dance Class Dates to be Determined

Class Times – TO BE DETERMINED [May be 2 classes instead of 3 in order to clean the facilities as in MASSACHUSETTS GUIDELINES FOR YOUTH and ADULT AMATEUR SPORTS ACTIVITIES – Phase IV, Step 1]


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