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When The Acton Woman's Club Incorporated, the original goals and objectives were to preserve the Federal Period House and to promote benevolent and civic activities.

Over the years, the Acton Woman's Club has provided a number of services for the Acton Community and beyond. Perhaps, the most popular activity is the fifty seven plus years of ballroom dance classes for students in grades five through eight.

In the early years, the club built new seats on the school house grounds for children who did not go home for dinner. In 1937, the club shared expenses with the firemen to light the Community Christmas tree and provide Cocoa to the Acton Center School children during winter months.

During WW I, the Club adopted 27 soldiers at Camp Devens and attempted to alleviate their home sickness with homemade jams, jellies and even gifts of money. Members mailed boxes of clothing to Acton, England during the war effort.

In 1935 when the town celebrated its 20th anniversary, the Acton Woman's Club entered a float in the parade.

The Acton Woman's Club worked alongside the American Redcross during World War I and II. During the Vietnam War boxes of all sorts of goodies were mailed to our GI's and by 1967 over 100 boxes were mailed. Members have been sending boxes with supplies and goodies and handwritten letters of appreciation and encouragement to the Acton soldiers during the Irag and Afghanistan Wars. We are very grateful to one member who organizes this effort and the mailing.

During World War 1 and II toiletries were sent to the soldiers, afghans were made and donations given toward a sun room at Fort Devens. The Schools were given donations for a milk fund. The school dental Clinic received a donation. A food sale raised funds for playground equipment for the Center School. A donation helped pay for an organ at the Center School.

The Club sponsored A Victory Garden Information Center.

Weekly teas were served to lift the spirit of elderly residents of Suburban Manor Nursing Home.

Other philanthropic activities included: Emerson Hospital, The Red Cross (including making surgical dressings for the Red Cross during WWII), Children's Hospital, National Braille Press, Books to the Library, Quilts for children for the police to use and Quilts for premature infants at Emerson Hospital, Sanitary Supplies for Women in Women's correctional facilities, donations to the food pantry and many others.

Club Members knit caps and scarves for donation to the Acton Community Supper and sewed "Comfort Quilts" to give to battered women and children.

In 2010 and 2011, twenty plus Members provided and served supper one night in the spring for the Acton Community Supper for forty along with providing a yearly donation from most members to the Community Food pantry.

Any Member may initiate a service project for someone in the Community and beyond and the AWC is always grateful to the support of the Members for all of these projects.

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Present Club Contributions

The goal of the Philanthropic Outreach Committee of the Acton Woman's Club is to provide financial support to local charities/ groups that support people in need.

The Acton Woman's Club is grateful to be able to continue to serve the local community with both service and donations when needed. Please note that donations are reviewed and may change yearly.

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